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  1. I really hope in Vice City.., But I really mean the Vice City like it is in GTA VC (and not in VCS) And if it's in a other existing GTA city it'll be fine 2.., Like San Andreas - but not with the name 'San Andreas Stories' it's to.., how you call it? 'trouthtoutgh'( ? ) I'm thinkin' how other fictional GTA City's would be like.., -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |SpA| (Special Agency) SA-MP based clan. [VCSM]Clan (Vice City Storie Makers Clan) VC-MP based clan
  2. How you mean uploadet wrong savegame?
  3. I can! I think I've just uploadet a 99% savegame, - It means that all mission are done, except the drivingschool, it neer worked.., (meaning I can't drive witouth hitting all the red trials things. I'm not good n english ) - Not all territories.., some of them still pink/purple or yellow. - Not all spraypaints, horseshoes or other search things. 'cause I hate to search them all.., I hope you like it, and I sloved your problem. Greetings [spA]Small_Gun Leader |SpA|Clan [email protected] 99__savegame___By__SpA_Small_Gun.zip
  4. Here is the downgrading patch for VC http://grandtheftauto.filefront.com/file/G...;74661#Download Just download it and run it.., Found it after lees than 2 minutes searching Liked to help you Grtz [spA]Small_Gun ________________________________________________________________________________ _____________ NOT Just a site , the |SpA| and [VCSM] Clan site http://www.freewebs.com/vcsm-spa/
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