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    Hi, how do i get my mod to be there when i press new game?
  2. Hi, i have made an custom mission with cleo 3 and DYOM. And my question is How do I get my mod to appear in the list when you press New Game? Edit: You know when you are going to start up Dyom mod, it appears in the New Game list, exacly like that is how i want my mod to work, and how do i do that?
  3. NEWS! i have been fixing some intros and loadning screens. So soon i will release a Trailer on the game and the first beta! The first mission is almost ready and the beta will be released when 2-3 missions are done!
  4. but first im going to release this one with some missions and some pickups
  5. If you want i can even make a patch later on with some finish teams
  6. Yes im going to make some missions for the mod, like killing some pps, trashing cars, talk to some guys and so on.
  7. Hi, i want to modell/Change the clothes of all the gangs in the game, how do i do that? thx!
  8. this is a mod that is taking you to the underworld of hooliganism. You can play as 3 different firms. The first patch is going to be with DFG,KGB and Firman Boys. Later on i might change the teams, so come with proposal about which teams you would lite to see in the game (teams and firms ofc.) If you have any questions about the mod, you can email me at [email protected] or visit Hooligans Life Plz dont forget to post your proposal about which teams you would like to see in the game! Screens:
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