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    (1) playing computer games<br />(2) watching TV<br />(3) experiments of science<br />(4) modding gta games

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  1. choose your best and difficult mission and tell us how and why it is/was difficult for u and have you passed it or just passing it
  2. hi choose your favourite character and tell us why you feel that this character is very favorite to u:coolthumbup:

    which contry you want to select for new gta5
  4. MEd problem

    you may have to install latest drivers for your graphics card to fix this problem
  5. hi friends how r u i'm sharing my top 6 missions of gta sa any one who want to share his top missions can post his mission here keep uploading.................................................. Ceaser_Viapendo.rar Jizzy.rar A_Home_In_Hills.rar Vertical_Bird.rar Riot.rar End_Of_The_Line.rar
  6. nice good luck for making gta mk you are really a greatest modifier i have played gta mk v3 it was very nice i want to congragulate u on making v3 and hope v4 will more imperssive good luck
  7. Real Road Signs

    has any one the real road sign files like LOS ANGELAS and SAN FRANCISCO .etc please upload these thank you
  8. help?

    what are the forum rules for posting an mod in www.thegtaplace.com and can i send mod or how can i add my mods in gtaplace or specifications for it will i banned for doing this quickly please
  9. The mission Jizzy

    ok man i downloaded your file and passed it 2 minutes ago this was really a difficult mission it is your save game file guarenteed GTASAsf1.rar
  10. The mission Jizzy

    okay i have downloaded ur file and ia passing it you may wait for 30 minutes while i upload ur file
  11. The mission Jizzy

    don't worry i passed this mission perfectly it will surely run
  12. The mission Jizzy

    okay i passed the mission only for u Download this jizzy_passed_by_kanja.zip
  13. Introduce Yourself..

    hi every one how r u i have just joined the forums my name is kanja malik and i'm from pakistan and 19 years old i love the gta games and here is an wondrful atmosphere in forums i love and like this forums and i hope all members and modraters and adminstrators will help and support me god bless all