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  1. oh man ... ============= .... if anyone can't elp.. me... can anyone give me a savegame that i can have a gangwar [which Sir, Claude Speed said that tenpenny's mission or sweet is done or whatever that possibilities that i can start a gang war with other gangs... ] [not all territories have been owned yet..] something like.. i can try with this gang war stuffs...
  2. oops... sorry for not... making topic [specific on what i use..]... PC sir.... ============= oh yah.. how to start the gang war
  3. guys... am stucked Big Smoke's Mission *OG-LOC - Catch and kill freddy - failed Sweet's Mission *Lowriding - failed Ryder's Mission *Robbing uncle Sam - Failed ================== I think many possibilities but they ended up failed ... the reason i want to finish it manually... is i want to... read their history.. ================= should i upload my,, Save game file? oh yah.. and how to START a GANG WAR??
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