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  1. Dude, all my files are not set to read only I had listened 2 ur advice already. First I downloaded that 6 rocket launcher mod. It did not work even if I change the weapon.dat file. Next i downloaded the mod that turns the faggio into a hoverboard. Now my game gets stuck even if i start anew game or load a previously saved game. I even replaced the original GTA3.IMG file and also the WEAPON.Dat file But still 2 no avail. I had also installed the laser mod using VCMM which stuck half way between Help
  2. I have downloaded many mods but hardly 1 or 2 work! Even By doing exactly how it is done in the README file of the mod. either my game does not load and gets stuck or There is no change in the game. PLZ help guys!!!!
  3. OK so I got another software which opened even .dff files. But no mod works except a very few. I did delete and add all the .dff and .txd files. But no mod is workiong properly O god !!!! PLZZZZZ Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. i still need help. I could open the .img file. But i cannot find .dff files in the program. the mod README says that i need to delete rocketla.txd and rocketla.dff and add new files. But i cannot delete the files plz help!!!!!!(AGAIN)
  5. HI, I am new to Vice City only about 4 months old. I downloaded some mods for Vice City. Some required VCMM which I used. But some required opening and editing the Gta3.img file in models folder. I have searched most of the net even downloaded 7 programs that open .img files but every time I try 2 open gta3.img file,I get an error that it cannot be opened. I reinstalled the game several times using my friends cd's even the original one but I cannot open the .img file. So the mods cannot be activated. on the net,.img files are classified as a bitmap Is t really so?? PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ help!!!!!
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