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  1. 1.UFO - True!! but the are only dots 2.Ghost car - True 3.Jaws - True! found 3d file in SA map editor o.O 4.Mass grave - True 5.Loch ness monster - idk, posseble fake 6.Ghost town figure - True, in my opinion 7.Mothman - True 8.Ghost vortex - True 9.Suicidal photographers -True 10.Shady Creek creature - Idk (to scary to find out o.O) 11.Weird horn - True, at north san fierro 12.Serial killer (trenchcoat guy) - True 13.Blue hell - True 14.The Cult farm - True 15.Epsilon cultists - True 16.Glowing grave -True 17.Scott Wilson's grave - WTF LOL? 18.Ghost grafitti - True 19.Mount Chiliad ghost car - True, drove over me o.O 20.Mt. Chiliad horror voices? - idk fake? 21.SPAZ guy - Who is he? 22.The cane - True 23.UFO map - True 24.Bigfoot? - hmm not sure, my friend got killed by something in the wood so o.O? 25.Leatherface? - not sure here either, True? o.O 26.Pigsy? - Fake 27.Cris Formage -? 28.The Truth - True 29.CJ's Moms ghost - True 30.The ring girl - True 31.Vice City maps - True 32.Open grave - True 33.TV on grave - uuhm dunno 34.Cobra MARITAL arts - what? 35.Bio waste well - True 36.Fort Carson tunnel - True 37.Phone booth? - idk 38.Not welcome mat - True my thoughts..