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    I like old semi trucks and Jazz music.
  1. HelP Me Please... cause i'm new here...

  2. aRLaN6

    Creat a speedwaytrack?

    I would like to see almost the same thing. I want to see the figure 8 track turned into an 1950-60's oval dirt race track. I can create the track and cars with no problem, I do not know how to change the script to make it work. If someone can do that part I would gladly work with them. Best Reagrds aRLaN6 www.arlanedwards.com
  3. aRLaN6

    How do I remove a mod?

    "1970's Mack RS700" I have it in here twice, I would like to remove it from the GTA3 and keep the one I have under San Andreas if I can. Thank's for the help!! arlan6
  4. How do I remove or delete a mod I have uploaded? Regards arlan6
  5. aRLaN6

    Creating Buildings

    What is the Buildings/Houses equivalent of collision file? What sets the boundaries for buildings? Vehicles have collision file (I totally understand this) that sets it's boundaries, what the equivalent for building so I'm not driving thru walls and such? Any help would be great! Regards aRLaN6
  6. aRLaN6

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hello! I’m new here and I submitted some mod files for San Andreas. What’s the average validation acceptance time for these files to be available for downloading? Regards aRLaN6