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  1. Sorry, but you do not have the right to do so. If the disc was damaged, then it's your fault you didn't handle it properly. Just buy the game again and you won't have any problems. What?! No way! I have the rights to make a backup copy in case if the original is damaged. Well at least in Poland it is...
  2. Is there a option?? I said I HOPE there will be. But I don't really believe it...
  3. As you say, I don't want to argue with you anymore. I just like things which nobody knows whether are truth or not. Of course making them up is stupid, but still.
  4. Look, TM... there are myths that have been found - suicide photographers (I know - bug), mass grave, bio-waste. Now there is no point in believing these old myths - we know they are not true. But wasn't it exciting trying to find them? Well, if it wasn't, there's no conversation then. But if you don't want to believe in myths or at least think about them sometimes, why do you come to this topic? Like an atheist visiting christian forums...
  5. There would be no magic... it would be just another, highly modded game. Maybe you are a cold bastard who just don't get it... I dunno ;-)
  6. Yeah, I prefer to go on pages like [CUT] or [CUT], sometimes on that old good [CUT]. Also going homicide with minigun helps a lot... In game too. [CUT - I'm evil ^^]
  7. I still think it's something cool. You may think it's bullshit, but since we actually found some of these myths true - why not to see if all of them are not true? Of course some of them are just made up shit, but be honest - weren't you surprised after finding mass grave? Still looking for answers is something more than just looking - it's kinda adventure, entertainment. Search for truth not to find out - because then myth turns to be real, and there is no myth left. Myths are to electrify people, make them wonder - is that real? Without myths, GTASA wouldn't be that... cool, because you may still think, there is one nobody has ever found...
  8. Get's a bit unpleasant here... maybe let's focus on the game before we start killing each other, huh? There is one thing that interests me: what about back'o'beyond? It used to be very famous, basically the first myth I've heard of. Is it just a place? Or there is something more about it? Cuz now I can't see anything about it...
  9. Well, I was right. The fire f*cks up all the game. It's too irritating ti keep shooting zombies and avoid flames. I hope there will be an option to switch this sh*t off.
  10. I'm gonna check this out now. It seems to be perfect, but I wish it was customizable - I don't really like that fire thing (annoying) and too many zombies will turn my PC into turtle... And I'm not sure about installing ^^ But will check soon. Thanks!
  11. Most likely so. Human's brain is almost "set" to detect faces. This is where ghost faces comes from. But I still see a girl sucking a c**k there ^^
  12. Hey guys, I've spent lots of time in game and have seen much, but this topic shows, this game is still gonna surprise me ;-) About that list. Very interesting. But: 7 - Ghost town figure 8 - Mothman Can someone show on map where can these be found? I hope 7 is not about that town around Castillo del Diablo... 12 - Weird horn What is this about? 13 - Serial killer (trenchcoat guy) TRENCHCOAT?! I was going to BEG someone to make a mod allowing to wear a trenchcoat. If there is a character wearing it, is it possible to wear it too? By the way, does someone have pictures of that guy? 14 - Blue hell LOL it's a common glitch, where player falls under the map. 23 - The cane What? Why a myth? 27 - CJ's Moms ghost Where? In his house? 29 - Vice City maps Oh, how to get there? 33 - Bio waste well Cool one, I've seen it ^^ Yeah, I learned that the game still didn't reveal me all the secrets... By the way, here is one thing I found. May be just my imagination, but still. I remember there was a mystery about back'o'beyond. I spent some time in that place and didn't find anything special, but once, when I looked at map, I noticed that area looks kinda like a face... look: http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/4487/saface.jpg I hope I didn't find something obvious, as I basically don't spend time on GTA forums ^^
  13. Hello forum, I am looking for (or requesting to make - details below) a mod, that would simply zombify people in GTA. The point is, to change only behavior and skins of people. As you may guess/doubt I did check Biohazard Alert. I was really disappointed with it, because it changed a lot of graphics, added lots of music and characters, new weapons and HUD... but in practice all it did with people was to give them scary skins and command "attack player". It was stupid, they were all moving and fighting just like normal people. Also I didn't know what should I do there and where to save/heal. Generally for me it was one, big fail. (It was Biohazard Alert 0.5b REMAKE). If there is no mod that would give me exactly what I want, I would like to make it with someone's help. What the mod would do is to change graphics, behavior and commands of people. The point is to make player feel he really is in the city of zombies like in RE. If someone is able to help me (or to do it with my help...), please, contact me. Thanks.
  14. Hello there, I am having problem with sound. After some time playing, most of the sounds vanishes. Generally sounds sometimes work, sometimes don't. The worst is after a storm, because then I hear absolutely nothing, apart from car radios. Does anyone know what can I do with it? BTW I do not have original game - I bought that long ago, but unfortunately the CD was damaged and well, I decided to get rid of it and download pirated version (I believe I have rights to do so). Oh, and if it's problem with sound card (I don't think it is though - I was having it before as well), can someone please tell me where can I download drivers to Creative Live! card? I can't find it on the Creative page... Thanks to all for help! Max Ps. Just now it came to my mind, it may be problem with eax.dll file. If you don't have this problem, please, check if you have it in version> If you do, please, tell me. It may be... THE solution ^^
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