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    Hello everyone, thanks for reading. OK, I was wondering which mods you would recommend? Specifically for graphics. I mean if it's really special then it could be something else. I've found a thread to increase the draw distance. It didn't seem to be an actual mod, just a tweak in numbers in the timecyc file. Yeah, draw distance is important because the in game draw isn't very far. And this mod doesn't work for pedestrians and cars. Does one exist? On the ENBSeries website, there seems to be a bloom program for Vice City, are you able to use it on III? If so, could you upload your file or tell me which settings to use that are best? I've never been good with those. I've seen updates for cars. I haven't looked too deeply but it seems that the only updates for buildings, people, and effects are the big mods. Like the XBOX conversion one and GTAIII HD. Are there individual mods that we could put together in the meantime until these come out? OK biggest question. Something that has bothered me in the past about GTAIII is the newspaper or trash or whatever that's constantly wafting across the city streets. Is there any way to remove that? Thank you so much for your time! Any answer or recommendation is greatly appreciated.