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  1. Ok, thanks, I will post on that forum. Greets, Koploper
  2. I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I'll ask anyways. I got banned from the MTA San andreas server. I was banned by EarthBound, around 13:20 Dutch Time, for a reason I don't know. I joined the server, warped to a person's bike and got of right away. The person shoots at me, so I spawned a Police Car for myself and got a Sub Machine Gun (the highest on the list) and shot back. Just after that I got banned by Earthbound. I didn't use any cheat programs. I really want to be unbanned, I don't even know WHY I'm banned, I wasn't on for more than 2 minutes and had killed no one yet. Thanks. Greets, Koploper
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