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  1. judy

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Yap, I bought it ~35€ so I made the right choice, I bought GTA IV on 360 Well, no way to mod or add some cars but i'll play it very fluently and that's my point ;D btw, thanks 4 the commentary, i'll maybe buy a new pc l8ter ^^
  2. judy

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Well i've an Intel Celeron D 3.06ghz, 1gb DDR2, a Gigabyte 8400GS & HDD 40gb IDE {barely full} and i'm asking what i've to upgrade first. I know i've to up evrythg, but that will cost a lot of money so i can't ATM Btw I wanna keep my CPU, up the RAM to 3gb & buy a new SATA 250gb HDD, then i'll rather buy a new graphic card i guess. I've seen a lot of ppl can run gta IV with Pentium 4 & 2gb ram + Geforce 8400GS in low, i tested but in recommended it put to "Low Med Med High Med Low" or something like that, but it's very laggy even if the memory shows sthg like 226mb/495mb used Even when i put everything in low it's laggy, i had the 182.50 but ATM GTA is uninstalled (I'm playin Crysis in low ) What's ur advice ? [EDIT] Reinstalled, with 14gb empty on my HDD, same problem. I'm on 848*480 EVERYTHING in low and i've 200/493mb used. But it's 2laggy holy crap >.< I've seen i use 900mb on my 1gb DDR when i'm playin so i'll buy 2gb more to have 3gb of RAM On youtube, many people can run the game properly with my config but they have ~min 2gb of ram Now i'll to update to to turn off the shadow etc, and up my drivers to 182.50 I've bought 4gb of RAM, waiting for it, i'll tell you