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  1. Heh, next time I went to GTAWM, I got an ad saying "knock out obama"...

    @Chris: I'm at a library computer, so it's uncool...at home I have Vista with the Win7 theme, and use Safari as my browser. Much better on the eyes...

    But, I can fix the library computer:


    About LIMEWIRE: I have a simple method to avoid poisoned files. First, make sure the song has a bitrate. Next, make sure it doesn't say it's a really low filesize (like 600.45 kb). Next, while downloading, make sure to preview the song.

    @warrior13: LimeWire is the best. Period.

  2. Wow. 1/5 people figured out I was kidding...thanks Nate, you've won the grand prize.

    All the rest of you, we have some lovely parting prizes for you on your way out....

    @Connor: Got what he deserved, eh? Good job.

    Hey, don't sell me short. I knew damn well you were joking about Huck. However, I also know you like to use "sarcasm" as an excuse to be a douche.

    Riiigght. So, I'm considered a douche when I try to cover for my mistakes, but you aren't?

    Seriously ric, even I could do better.