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  1. I'm glad this guy is gone, yay.

  2. Super Hyphy

    how to change the vehichles to be raced in the 8 track

    LOL @ Faggio Rally...that sounded dirty.
  3. Super Hyphy

    Empty your pockets!

    Left: Spare keys to my house (duh) Cell Phone (Motorola KRZR K1M) MP3 Player (Apple iPod U2 Edition, with broken screen) Right: 20$ (USD) MP3 Player/Flash Drive (Nextar 1GB) Paperclip some lint.
  4. Super Hyphy


    Wikipedia's new nickname? "AAUGH!!! THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!...IN 2050..."
  5. Super Hyphy

    RATE Person above you

    Damn Eazy, why must you ALWAYS post before me? Noodle AKA Urbandecay: Avi: 9/10 (Kinda wordy but awesome) Sig: 9/10 (Sweet) Person: 10/10 (Once again, SWEET)
  6. Super Hyphy

    Which underwear?

    Boxers and Boxer Briefs...but I voted boxers because they're my fav.
  7. Super Hyphy

    Shower in the morning

    I (very reluctantly*) shower every night. I will only shower in the morning if I have to go to the doctors or something. *Why shower when you can play GTA?
  8. Super Hyphy

    WTF? "Slap Susan Boyle"?

    For your computer to contract electric gonorrhea... Of course! LOL.
  9. Super Hyphy

    WTF? "Slap Susan Boyle"?

    ^ I use UTorrent... but I find LimeWire more convenient.
  10. Super Hyphy

    A woman...burnt her husband's penis.

    It's obvious they're no longer "married", but now they're "marred"....
  11. Super Hyphy

    What are you listening to right now?

    Both are sick songs... Dr Dre feat. 213 - Bitches Ain't Shit Ice Cube - Friday Ice Cube - Bop Gun [OMFG THIS IS AWESOME!!!]
  12. Super Hyphy

    WTF? "Slap Susan Boyle"?

    Heh, next time I went to GTAWM, I got an ad saying "knock out obama"... @Chris: I'm at a library computer, so it's uncool...at home I have Vista with the Win7 theme, and use Safari as my browser. Much better on the eyes... But, I can fix the library computer: About LIMEWIRE: I have a simple method to avoid poisoned files. First, make sure the song has a bitrate. Next, make sure it doesn't say it's a really low filesize (like 600.45 kb). Next, while downloading, make sure to preview the song. @warrior13: LimeWire is the best. Period.
  13. Super Hyphy

    WTF? "Slap Susan Boyle"?

    OK, so I went to GTA Worldmods, and I saw this on it: WTF? Discuss.
  14. Super Hyphy

    What are you listening to right now?

    Mac Dre - Giggin' Mac Dre - Boss Tycoon Mac Dre - Thizzelle Dance Mac Dre - Fellin' Myself The Game - My Life Fuck...Yeah.... "My Mom" is awesome too
  15. Super Hyphy

    RATE Person above you

    Erm...Noru: Avy: 9/10 (Sweet) Sig: 10/10 (Don't....get....a....boner....) Person ? (Don't know you)