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    Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever, Fast & Furious, Friday (The Movie & The Soundtrack), Lies and The Lying Liars Who Tell Them by Al Franken

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  1. I'm glad this guy is gone, yay.

  2. Left: Spare keys to my house (duh) Cell Phone (Motorola KRZR K1M) MP3 Player (Apple iPod U2 Edition, with broken screen) Right: 20$ (USD) MP3 Player/Flash Drive (Nextar 1GB) Paperclip some lint.
  3. Wikipedia's new nickname? "AAUGH!!! THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!...IN 2050..."
  4. Damn Eazy, why must you ALWAYS post before me? Noodle AKA Urbandecay: Avi: 9/10 (Kinda wordy but awesome) Sig: 9/10 (Sweet) Person: 10/10 (Once again, SWEET)
  5. Boxers and Boxer Briefs...but I voted boxers because they're my fav.
  6. I (very reluctantly*) shower every night. I will only shower in the morning if I have to go to the doctors or something. *Why shower when you can play GTA?
  7. For your computer to contract electric gonorrhea... Of course! LOL.
  8. ^ I use UTorrent... but I find LimeWire more convenient.
  9. It's obvious they're no longer "married", but now they're "marred"....
  10. Both are sick songs... Dr Dre feat. 213 - Bitches Ain't Shit Ice Cube - Friday Ice Cube - Bop Gun [OMFG THIS IS AWESOME!!!]
  11. Heh, next time I went to GTAWM, I got an ad saying "knock out obama"... @Chris: I'm at a library computer, so it's uncool...at home I have Vista with the Win7 theme, and use Safari as my browser. Much better on the eyes... But, I can fix the library computer: About LIMEWIRE: I have a simple method to avoid poisoned files. First, make sure the song has a bitrate. Next, make sure it doesn't say it's a really low filesize (like 600.45 kb). Next, while downloading, make sure to preview the song. @warrior13: LimeWire is the best. Period.
  12. OK, so I went to GTA Worldmods, and I saw this on it: WTF? Discuss.
  13. Mac Dre - Giggin' Mac Dre - Boss Tycoon Mac Dre - Thizzelle Dance Mac Dre - Fellin' Myself The Game - My Life Fuck...Yeah.... "My Mom" is awesome too
  14. Erm...Noru: Avy: 9/10 (Sweet) Sig: 10/10 (Don't....get....a....boner....) Person ? (Don't know you)
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