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  1. Yeah, you like one of my ideas at least I told you, my ideas ARE good. you just need some time to understand really how extremly GREAT they are!
  2. LOL That's two awesome rides man, check out the wheels!!! Bling, Bling! Actually you could have cars in the stone age, The Flintstones have cars. ok, they run around with them, but hey. They got 4 wheels!
  3. hm, you acctually got a point there. But there could be caves like those in The Flintstones And the time would be the Stone Age. You could theft dinosours and other historical creatures. And you could have gangwars and fight over territories. And there would be a big amount of weapons to choose from. Stones to throw, stones to chop someone with, spears, wooden clubs (or what they call it). That would be cool. I could play that game "Grand Theft Dinasoure" Wow, I think im going to look for a job at Rockstar, they could need my intelligence. I know what people want
  4. Hm, i thought Auto stood for Automatic ok, no moon, no horses and no caves... but we still go the sea. Come on guys. Thats great! You could be pirates. And the effects could be SO COOL! Becuase its only water everywhere. IT doesnt take any power from the game to make up a hole world. GTA Piratebay, whorship my great idea
  5. No one like my ideas i think they are great :'( Oh wait. no I got an even better idea. GTA Underground This you cant say no to. You live under the surface. Down in caves and stuff. Almost like the Lego Rock Raiders if you've seen them. There could be citys like Moria (in LOTR).
  6. OK, mmm, but what if you where... on the MOON You could steal those funny "moonlandingmachines." And the you could do missions for martians (is it spelled like that)? Its much like GTA now. You fly spaceships (planes/choppers) you drive mooncars (cars/bikes). And you would be able to jump reeeeeaaaally high! It coul dtake plave in 2300 so there is cities on tghe moon too.
  7. hmm but... What if it was in the middle age??? Or was set in the roman Empire? You could steal wagons and horses, and rescue ladies from dragons and evil warlords Yes, that is a great Idea! What do you think of that? You would wear cool shiny armour and fight with long swords and lances. And you could buy/build castles instead of the crappy appartments in SA. WOW
  8. I have got an idea. I like western movies, but there is not many western game sout there. I would like to have one GTA western game (or a western game with all great stuff from GTA) I thought like this: you start like an immigrant from Europe somewhere, maybe UK. And you come to USA in 1870 or something. The map maybe can be in San Andreas but in the 1870's ;D Every town is a smaller version of the later citys. In Las Venturas for example there are a lot of cardgambledens, whorehouses and saloons. And there are more smaller towns to visit. And more wilderness, with animals wich you have to hunt to survive, If you dont eat at the saloons. Or you could become a hunter and hunt buffaloes or wild horses and sell them in the towns. Or start up, or join, a gang of bandits. Then you can rob banks and trains and cattles. but if you are a robber you have to watch out. The sheriff will be after your ass. He put you in jail. If you kill too many people and are too rough in one specific town, all people in that town will start hunt you, and take care of the law themself. If THEY catch you, they will certainly hang you. Then you have to start over, or load game. You can make contacts and trade with indiantribes, or kill them. And you could enter the civilwar between south and north. The warzone would be around the middle of the map and you can choose side, get a uniform and start killing (without getting hanged:P) If you travel over to one side in the wrong colors the people there wont treat you very nice though, so remember to change cloths. This is just a quick "preview" of my ideas. I dont have the time or patience now to write it all down. But what do you think? Isnt it good? Maybe they should change name to Grand Theft Horse then, and start a new series I would like a good western cowboy game, just like GTA in cowboy outfit... omg... I want it sooo bad.
  9. I would like a more roleplaying- stylish game. You know, you can talk to certain people, and make contacts. Later, when you get more influence and respect in the criminal world, you would be able to start your own crime- gang (or join an allready existing one of course) You can search up those people you made contact with and ask them to join your gang. They join if you have treated them with respect, helped them and so on, if you've been bad against them, they wont join you, then they might even try to kill you. And if you are uncareful when you kill people, you get wanted by the police. Not like the earlier with stars, but for a longer time. You would have to stay more hidden in the backalleys, maybe change look often, dont draw too much attention to yourself. You know, just keep a low profile. It might take some gamedays untill the cops stop hunting you. But if they catch you, they arrest you and bring you to jail, and depending on many things, the courtjudges give you different penalties. It might depend on: How powerfull you are in the criminal and the legal world (= how many witnesess who dare show up). If you where cought during a crime. How big wantedlevel you got at the time. how good lawyers you got and more things like that. If you are just a "street rat" who've killed 20 people and gets cought, you are going to get a very hard penalty. If you are a rich crimeboss with an expensive lawyer, maybe even with legal businesses at the side you get a ligher penalty, maybe just a big fine. BUT if you are a "nobody" you have to go to prison. And do you time (3-30 gamedays for example) You can get new contacts there (convicts and guards), do trading with drugs and stuff, and make yoursself a name even in the prisonworld. And there will be different ways out of the prison. you can of course do your hole time and get out as a free man. But you can also try to escape. There will be different ways of escaping, wich way you choose depends on wich way you find. And you have to plan it well, check the guards patrol routs and that kind of things. If you escape you will have a hell outside the walls for a couple of days though. But if you stay hidden the cops will cool down eventually. Wow, that was a long post but this is some of the things I would like to have in GTA4. And also many other things. Create your own character, gasstations, bigger map with bigger differenses (Like hot Miami wheater, or even deserts, in the south. And colder, changing climate, with mountains, in the north) OK, now i wont write anything more or it might take too long to read. But i have A LOT of other ideas. (Maybe I should mail Rockstar about these features, how big is the chances that they think they are good?) I might be back with more ideas later And one more thing when you create you character you can choose wich nationality he will be. Like american, mexican, japanese, chinese, italian/sicilian, russian, and maybe some other nationalities too. But to get to the real point. Lets say you choose to be a russian man, then you wont have a chance to get into the sicilian maffia for example. You have to be of sicilian blood to enter Cosa Nostra. And you cant just enter it, You got to have made contacts with a member, maybe helped him, and shown yourself worthy, then you have to go trough the initiation ceremony, and after that you have become a mafioso. Every gang of course isn't as strict about nationality as the maffia, and some gangs isn't that hard to join. Bigger gangs = harder time getting into it. With this system the replay value could be far bigger then now I am so smart!!!
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