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  1. Well i don't intend on putting it on MAX. Is there any game that has similar graphics, so that i can make a comparison first? Cuz i think NFS Undercover has similar graphics and it runs on high with almost no lag.
  2. Hi, i'm thinking of getting GTA IV for my PC, but i don't know if it will run on my PC. I have a AMD Athlon 4000+ processor, a nVidia 9500GT video card, 2GB of RAM & a 1TB hard drive.
  3. I'm currently trying to convert my SA into a GTA IV, and i'm looking for a map of Liberty City to replace San Andreas. I found one at this address http://download.chip.eu/en/GTA-Liberty-City-2-1.1_497748.html , but the gta3.img file included is corrupt. Can someone help me out?
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