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    Audi A4 B5 11/94-01 Tuned

    Hello all you pro modders. I got some awesome work for you What do you think about: Audi A4 B5 11/94-01 Tuned with "Phantom" front bumper, "Phantom" rear bumper and "GTX" sidekskirts, all from Neodesign. Colours: A little "dark-green-metallic" with a carbon hood (Uploading pics). I would make it myself, but, I got no skills with making cars or anything, and I want this car to be perfect Anyway I hope some of you think this will be an good idea. The first picture (The red and black Audi A4) Shows the front bumper and side skirts. The second picture (The green ? car) shows the colour of the car. (This pic will be opened in paint when you press the link) Fetbilibhsang.bmp The third picture (The red rear bumper) shows the rear bumper =P Its actually from a Opel Calibra, but looks just like the Audi A4 phantom rear bumper. Im going to try to get a picture of the rear bumper for Audi A4 soon. (This pic will be opened in paint when you press the link) Opel_Calibra__Audi_A4_Phantom_.bmp Have fun