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  1. Damnit! I wish this was on PS3.
  2. How to make a Map Mod

    Well, i dont know how to make a mod buy i know how to edit skins,paint jobs,clothes,buildings etc..... To edit the skin or colour download TXDWORKSHOP then open a txd file, then go on properties and decompress. Then export the picture you are going to mod and save it, then open 2 paints and get a picture you want in the 1st 1 then in the 2nd 1 get the file u want 2 mod. With the paint with the picture u want to add in select what part u want and paste it. Then save it and open TXD WORKSHOP and import the file u edited 2 the same 1 and VIOLA JUST SAVE AS! (I hope i made it clear, for more clear instructions go on utube) I have attached TXD WORKSHOP to save you time
  3. basejumping on gta

    Yes, i like to basejump! I use my custom made army parachute and teleport to the sky screaper then jump!!!! :coolthumbup: Its fun