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  1. The Durka Durka Man

    Special version of GTA 1?

    I'm not sure we can post links - try searching Google for "GTA 1: Extended" (with quotes) and you'll be able to find it yourself. I found the link on some abandonware site (old-cans.com) when checking out their forum. Since there was no reply saying weather it's fake or not I thought I would give it a try. There is a HUGE list of cities included in the game but I've played only two of them so far because I didn't have so much time lately. I'm really looking forward to do the others too though. I'm actually a bit upset that I didn't find out about it before because I've always been a big fan of GTA1...
  2. The Durka Durka Man

    Special version of GTA 1?

    I read in some Russian forum recently that there is a special version called "GTA 1: Extended", which contains entirely new cities with new mission packs. At first, I didn't believe it of course. I thought I was some kind of a joke. Then I decided to give it a try (since GTA1 was always my favorite game) and I found out it's REAL! Player can choose from about 50 different cities, besides the original three. There are also crazy cars like bugatti, lamborghini, porsche etc. It's absolutely incredible! I have played it for a few hours and I still can't believe my eyes, though ... XD Can anyone explain how come this is possible? I mean, in the time when everybody is playing GTA 4, Rockstar is releasing special version of old school GTA 1, or something?