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  1. Try this: http://apolloproductions.50webs.com/index.htm
  2. Hi here is a little machinima we have made download apollo-productions.tk cheers
  3. Hi, im searching for an voice actor for an GTA San Andreas machinima. If you are interested please mail me. If you wanna know whats all about please visit my site. apollopro( at )aol.com cheers
  4. Ok here is my site with some self made GTA Machinimas. Link removed by the way: We still search for an voice actor so if you are interested please mail me Email address removed
  5. Hi, I ive made a machinima with some friends of mine, called Sundown. We would be glad for some comments. download link(200kb) http://rapidshare.de/files/10937936/Sundown.avi.html Our Site with Screeshots http://www.apollo-productions.tk/
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