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  1. GCoach

    GTA SA wont load saved games

    the game is legal nd it crashes on any downloaded saved game.
  2. I downloaded a saved game and whenever i try to load it it crashes after load screen but when i load a game I started it works just fine. I also have windows vista if that has anything to do with it.
  3. GCoach

    GTA crashes after load screen

    I reinstalled the game and put no mods on and it still crashes after the loadscreen
  4. Ok I installed a couple mods and i start the game and the load screen comes up it loads the the screen goes lack and then says the game needs to close. Help!
  5. GCoach

    Paint Schemes

    You can't apply paint schemes to just any vehicle. The .dff model (3d) has to be specifically set up to allow skins to be applied. If they don't have the allowance for skins your only recourse is to try and mod the textures applied to the vehicle and this will almost always be NOT what you're after. Only a handful of the default vehicles in the game have this feature. Search any GTA site's downloads for skins to the vehicles that allow skinning. For example, you can find them for any vehicle that can enter Wheel Arch Angels (Elegy, Sultan, etc.). Other downloads of this sort will retexture some vehicles. Examples include the Hunter, Monster truck and Rhino and many others. Instructions for installing them is usually included in the archive. Im trying to get paint schemes like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVWesRjHwEM
  6. GCoach

    Paint Schemes

    Can someone tell me where i can find paint schemes and how to install them on any car.
  7. GCoach

    How to make wheels big

    ok when I go in all it does is give me a new paintjob and i just pull back out I get no options
  8. GCoach

    How to make wheels big

    Ok I installed them but it says to see them enter the transfender can u tell me what that is
  9. GCoach

    How to make wheels big

    But how do I install the custom wheels I downloaded
  10. GCoach

    How to make wheels big

    Im trying to get them like in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkTJwLLVwro...re=channel_page Also I downloaded a luxury wheels pack and I wanna know how to install it along with garages
  11. GCoach

    How to make wheels big

    Thanks. also how do I get them to not float in the air and the wheels to not stickout when i do make them bigger then what u posted
  12. How do I make the rims and stuff like that big
  13. GCoach

    GTA expansions

    Ok I downloaded some cars for GTA SA but I dont know how to get them to show up.
  14. GCoach

    Multiplayer Help

    Also I have another problem every time i put a saved game file in the GTA useres file it never shows up in thegame can someone tell me the steps to doing this.