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  1. It's fixed. Reformatting fixed it.. it was because my Vista had some services disabled(actually completely removed because it was modded) so yeah it was missing textures and some other things...
  2. Hell no it's not... you know how the rape scene in the beginning is supposed to be all black at first? It's completely light blue.. Strange thing... and motion blur is playable this is not playable... I'd rather have 1 fps and see then this.... Edit I am reformating now... which may fuck up also and fuck over my whole PC without an OS.... lol
  3. Still is broken.. I am disappointed... I have modded windows and that could be problem... I'm going to reformat with standard XP disk..... yeah I'm that desperate.
  4. Alright I just bought the CD at the stores and it's installing, hoping it'll work then.
  5. Jearry01

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

  6. Well I can play all other games just fine like San Andreas, Need for speed undercover, etc. etc. This I can't and the problem proceeded... I am thinking about buying the CD at the stores EDIT: Ok I can better explain the problem I actually got thru the first part of the game with it by using the radar to drive lol... Anyway whenever i move.. things stay there like a messed up motion blur that never goes away... also I got to the first house but i can't find my way out lmao.. But yeah help would be appreciated... oh and in the dark it's way to dark and in the light it's way to bright....
  7. I just recently updated video drivers so I don't need to do that and it finished reinstalling so I will reboot and tell you how it went... if it didn't work I will need a crack or something if you guys know the fix or whatever... brb
  8. I can't get screenshot because for some reason it comes out black. Anyway this is how it is... black = light blue, it is very blurry and i can't see anything.. it's almost like there is a leak in the map and it's causing it to freak out... but why would it do that? I am reinstalling the game right now so yeah....
  9. I can't see anything.. I have tried a ton of resolutions and it hasn't fixed and I have tried numerous settings My video card is 9800 GT 512MB. Vista 32 bit... Anyway it's super motion blurry like if i move everything goes with it and it's discolored all blueish so i can't see, anybody know? :bashhead: :bashhead:
  10. Jearry01

    ENB series graphics mod not working

    I can't find V5 and besides if none of them do anything at all or even show the slightest graphics change, why download V5? I think it's a separate problem
  11. I have tried like 3 different ones for the ENB series and they all don't work. I put the files in my SA folder and edit the ini to my needs and I start san andreas and hit SHIFT + F12 and nothing happens at all, not even the slightest little thing... all that happens is my guy jumps(shift key does that, lol) anywayyyys... hoping that somebody knows my problem... I am on Vista 32 bit... I will provide specs but that seems very useless since the mod itself isn't working and not a graphical or error problem