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    Wishlist by Vlad Spy -Faster cars -More weapons -Airplanes -More Missions! -Longer missions! -Smarter AI (I think their braines was washed with vanish in VC!) -Faster loading -More FPS -More 'minigames' -Harder 'minigames' -A Buggy! -Smarter police (Police cars always hit each other) -A Hovercraft! -More stunts! -Not EVERYONE should be black! (Not that I dislike black people, but not ONLY black people) -Better vehicle collision effects (e.g. I don't want the windshield to just fall off!) -More bikes, and more BMX makes I know this would just add a lot of work to the SA team, which I respect veeery much, but if it would be possible...........it would be cool!