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  1. zenstudios

    How Can I record My GTA-SA Gameplay?

    Man, if I do that, the quality is a SHIT!!!!! i want a program!!!! SOMEBODY HELP PLEASE!!!! :-)
  2. zenstudios


    Just use PrtSc Button. then, go to Paint or other application and paste the image. and you're done!!!! Other option: Go to Johnson's House (Los Santos) and pick up the camera. then, take the photos you want. the photos are in your GTA SAN ANDREAS USER FILES folder.
  3. If you know, tell me. I want some cool CLEO3 MODS
  4. zenstudios


    It looks like your gta3.img file doesn't exist. Go to your gta san andreas directory ( My directory is C:\Programas\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas ). Open a folder called ''models''. Is there any file called ''gta3.img''? If it is, that file shoud be damaged or something....
  5. SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH I AM PORTUGUESE I want to record a gameplay of GTA-SA. I have already tried Hypercam2 and Fraps. Hypercam is slow and when I run Fraps, my pc automatically restarts and shows me the Bluescreen. Do you know other program? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!