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  1. If so could you tell me the coordinates? If you want you can contact me on msn [email protected] thanks for the help id really like to blow up some heads in LC
  2. Do you have to have it on ps2 with gameshark or is there a way to do it on pc?
  3. thats why you are so righty you never lie =)
  4. I need someone to script the mod: samultirocket so sami could install it by himself cuz if i rebuild my gta3.img my img editor wont rebuild it to 100% Thanks for the help
  5. Righty i prefer not to Gamble the roullete a 999 times i need a trainer
  6. Thanks alot if youl ever want to know the reason go to Gameplay and help and see my post
  7. Im requesting a money trainer that also has a decrease option
  8. yes but ive passed the killing idea and found a thing called roullete max wager 1000k have you ever heard about it?
  9. I need someone to make a trainer for SA to make me decide how much money i want not only to add also to decrease watch the pic and you will know why cuz i dont want that cash its dirty
  10. yes i did it only says replace the file but anyways can u send me an original file?
  11. Thanks Slayer and what about some help with the garage texture? and i tried what you told me it still gets stuck when im close to it
  12. Its the oldgarage_sfse.txd but i dont know maybe it also needs a dff? oh btw i need the location of a minigun and as how much as i found out you cant close the cargo tank so the car wont fall right?
  13. I need helping with modding\adding files i didnt know where to post this so i felt that this is the right place i need some help with the garage mod in San Fierro,Doherty(BBS) i followed the instructions and when i get close to it or see it on radar the game gets stuck and i forgot to backup the file... :'( :'( Oh and does someone knows how to get a car in the cargo bob?
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