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  1. i've 2.8GHz Core2Duo and 3GB Ram, now i think its my graphics card problem i just installed 8500GT and its showing 3GB Ram when i install 9600GT it shows that 2GB memory (RAM) is installed, actually 9600GT Stucks/Hangs on the old motherboard i contact from where i've purchased my pc they said its because your board doesn't support 9600GT now i purchased new motherboard and still 9600GT stucking/hanging i also asked why its showing 2GB ? they said your graphics card takes 1GB its now shared, and they advised me to disable sharing through Nvidia control panel then why it shows 3GB in 8500GT ?
  2. i don't think if i need to upgrade my pc again, well here are my specs : Memory RAM (3GB) --> 2GB in 1 Slot and 1GB in the second slot i would like to explain one thing that my pc shows i've 2 GB of RAM but i've 3GB ??? i recently installed windows 7 and it says i've 3GB and now i installed XP SP3 and its showing 2GB, also at the start i tried to run some programs and it cause a clock error, your system clock has been changed. maybe there is a problem because of these things ? why it shows 2GB when i've 3GB ? please help, i'm so confused about it
  3. Hello everybody you might remembered me, i created a topic first : http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/topic/23964-omg-gta-iv-too-slow-after-upgrading-to-n9600/ now i've purchased a new pc and it matched with the Recommended PC System Requirements! (i tested my PC Specs for GTA4 at SystemRequirementsLab) now my GTA IV is working perfect on day (ingame) but on night i feel the difference between the resolution, i just don't understand why is this happening cuz day and night shouldn't matter, i'm asking you guys for a solution or maybe any mod that disables night in GTA4 ? also when some weather changes like cloud,more traffic it hangs though at some places it works like a charm, any help guys ?
  4. It's an exe file i just double - click it and install it and then when i open gta iv the game crashes it says fetal error and i'm not using any mods. Thanks
  5. Hello everybody, i've gta iv patch but if i install it the game chashes is there anything i'm missing ? i mean is there anything i need to learn before using the patch ? if so then please tell me how you install the patch. thanks.
  6. First Of all i'm sorry for making too many topics regarding this, if it is not allowed then delete it. Hello everybody, I Already Made A topic regarding and i said that GTA IV Is Too slow on N9600 GT But Now I've Turned Off All The View Distance, detailed distance etc settings and Change My resulation From 800X600 To 1024X766 And it worked perfect! if i change Enable View Distance And Detailed distance it would run slow again so It's fast now but i would like to know if it is Because My Less memory of graphic card or it is my processor problem my processor is : 1.60GHz Dual Core Please Reply And Sorry again for making too many threads but this is my last question about gta iv requirement so please kindly reply it. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello Chris! Here Are My Requirements : Memory RAM : 4.00 GB Processor : Genuine IntelĀ® CPU 2140 @ 1.60 GHz 1.60 GHz Dual Core OS : Windows Vista 64 Bit SP2 Graphic card: MSI Nvidia N9600 GT My GTA IV Is Too slow to play Please help, tell me which thing i need to upgrade i think i've dual core 1.60 Ghz 1.60 Ghz so 3.2 GHz And I Think Everything is fine but it's too slow please reply. thanks
  8. Hello guys, i've read the minimum system requirements to run the GTA IV And i think My PC Is in the minimum requirements : Memory RAM : 4.00 GB Processor : Genuine IntelĀ® CPU 2140 @ 1.60 GHz 1.60 GHz Dual Core OS : Windows Vista 64 Bit SP2 Graphic card: MSI Nvidia N9600 GT I was having 8500GT Before and now i upgraded to N9600 GT But i can't under stand what's the problem, why it is running too slow it was not that slow when i had 8500GT and now when upgraded to a new Graphic card N9600 It's Too Slow to play. please can any one tell me how to run GTA IV Properly ? Thanks
  9. Hello Guys! today i've installed gta iv it's running but it's so slow Here is my OS : And I've got MSI 8500GT graphic card With 1/GB memory it's ok that my graphic card is a little slow to run GTA IV but in my brother computer the graphic card is 8600/512 MB Ram and 8600 is in GTA IV recommended system requirements everything except the graphic card in my brother computer are same, same ram, sam hard disk, same processor only graphic card in my brother's computer is 8600 with 512 MB Of ram but in his computer also the gta iv is not running like it should. i've tried many configurations but nothing worked so before upgrading my graphic card i would like to ask if there is anything else i need to upgrade ? please reply. thanks in advance.
  10. i've got 8600/512 MB Ram And Still Not Running Properly!
  11. Hello guys, i'm new in creating mods and i've created some maps mods/stunting and i want to share my mods with thegtaplace please tell me how can i do so. Thanks.
  12. Here Is The Download Link : http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/f4295-stunted-fcr-900
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