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  1. Thanks will give that a try..
  2. hi i'm new here too lol!! need help with gta3 so check out my help post plz.. thanks!!!
  3. sorry if i have posted in the wrong section.. i tried installing 4 cars to the game, mustang which replaced diablos, lambo which replaced infernus, carreraGT which replaced cheetah and impreza(autoload) which i think replaced banshee.. all seemed fine after i loaded them started the game and loaded the game i was playing.. last place i had saved was the very first hide out.. so i walked to the road and turned right and walked downhill and the game froze and brought windows brought up an error saying gta.exe has encountered a problem, and closed the game. so i tried again except this time drove instead of walked.. same problem at the exact same place.. and again.. this time drove left out of the hideout.. and nothing happened until i was in another street and turned back going the same direction as when the problem accured.. round about the same distance down the problem happened again!!!!! any ideas please?? many thanks
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