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  1. Ik versta hier niks van Can i have a broodje frikandel? or Boerenkool met worst? believe me that food is good! ok i coulnd´t understand what you were saying, i´m too lazy 2 get google translator
  2. How can i add a video in the loading screen? i wanted to do failed stunts vid while it was loading And i want to add the music where C.J raps...Well not C.J but that voice actor of C.J His name is Young Maylay. Great if you can help out...but i think the video is impossible =S I can add mods 'n' stuff, but this...I can't. Cya
  3. *mysterious voice* a great player walks on earth, Congratulations BackInHood has been unlocked!* * By unlocked i mean joined the forums, the admins unlocked me they are so great! THANKS FOR ALL THE COOL MODS PLAYERS/ADMINS!!!!
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