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  1. Thats right freee gta sa ,u can download it for free if u win this contest and the download works 100% fine:D Now listen to get this download site u must answer these three question 1st.I play gta vc,when i alt+tab out i cannot see my mouse.How do i fix that 2nd.How can i create a car mod for gta vc or sa 3rd.the hardest question ever that makes u think a lot.the question is 3rd question. If there are three cups of sugar and you take one away, how many do you have? lol The first winner to answer those three question recieves a gta sa game and gta vc game for free and also lots and lots of mod site and how to mod the game AND THERES A PRIZE FOR THE PARTICIPANTS.ITS A SECRET BUT U WILL FIQURE IT OUT THE CONTEST ENDS AT JULY 10th SO HAPPY POSTING
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