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  1. Or just simply download gta garage viewr. Once opened, it lets you see every vehicle of the game without going into the game. That way you will get familiar with the cars and names. I think I know what mod you installed. There's a mod that changes thwe car names too.
  2. Never mind, I had no idea that there are already 2 total convertion mods from resi to gta. delete this or do whatevr you want with the topic.
  3. Do you know about scripts... want to make this mod with me? I was thinking to use the SA mission builder tool, and replace the current missions. But if you know about scripts, then you're welcome on board.
  4. This is a mod I will be working on my own, so far... since I have no group members yet. It will be a total convertion for GTA San Andreas, that will turn it into Resident Evil. So if you are interested in coming on board, please feel free. CJ is shot badly by the ballas, and ends up in hospital in a coma. He wakes up a few days later to the sound of gunshots. He looks up and sees Leon Keneddy shooting the zombie nurse. Leon sees CJ moving and asks him if he's been bitten. CJ replies that last thing he remembers is being shot by the ballas. Leon explains the situation, that the whole place is crawling with zombies, and now both have to escape San Andreas. They will have to make it on foot, since many roads have been cut down by debris, and there are no cars in working order. They will have to find survivors, and help them along the way. Survive LS, SF, Countryside, Desert, and escape from the hospital in Los Santos to Vegas Airport to make your escape. Step 1 - I will be adding the following cheats to be activated permanently on the game: Pedestrians attack CJ No car traffic Step 2 - Remove all unecessary stuff from the game like the gymn, but still keep the shops, like weapons, food for energy, etc... You no longer will have to purchase safe houses, they will be free as you find them Step 3 - Replace all the normal missions, with one ultimate goal... to escape from san andreas. Step 4 - Reskin most pedestrians, and remove some unecessary peds. Step 5 - Change map to block some roads, and the overview map to adapt to the mod. Step 6 - Other stuff, and finalize
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