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  1. Modify the .wtd files isn't very difficult. You can extract the texture from the file even with Spark or OpenIV by "edit" and then replce the original texture where you want. Dont forget to backup the file you're about to mod
  2. Hello guys, So, my question is, is there someone who know how to open .wdr files (but not just open, sparkIV can do it too !!) What I want to do is change some of the owful clothes that you can find in the russian shop to something like a SWAT uniform or even police (basicaly, the same uniform that the police wear !!). So what I've tried to do first is extract the .wtd texture of the more realistic one I found on the web (it becomes .png files) and rebuild it in a .wtd of a random clothes you can find in the russian shop (f.ex. uppr_diff_004_a_uni.wtd), but when it comes to 3d model (.wdd/.wdr), I can't do it anymore, because of the differences of file extention (.wdd in componentpeds =/=> .wdr in playerped). I not sure if it is possible to make Niko wear such clothes, so I'm wondering if someone knows the adapted program that allow you to modify .wdr files and change the 3d texture to what you want, f. ex. the swat uniform OR edit a new .wdr file that you can put in the archive when you're done !! P.S.: I'm not talking of some created SWAT uniform to just change the SWAT officer outfit but the way you can make it wear by Niko... it includes rangers, hose with pistol on the side, jacket with bulletproof and the swat logo on the back (and possibly the helmet but I think there is nothing you can replace instead of it...) Sorry if my english isn't very good, it's not my first language!!
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