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  1. In san andreas the safe houses (plces to save the game) were pretty boring and thier was nothing to do in the next GTA i would like rockstar to make them more interesting such as: you can store weapons at you ware houses and have more garages Post you ideas here
  2. i think there should be careers in the next game, but a lot of people think this would be annoying and tatally awful however i think at a certain point in the game you choose or you can qualify for a certain career and then about once in a week you get a call to get you ass to work... and you must do different missions connected to that career it might make the game totally shit but i think it would be a good idea what do you think about this careers idea POST HERE
  3. i would love to see more airports around the next GTA I also hope they put in a cinema or something where you could go to see the movies you make(Instead of a camera have a video camera OR both) WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE
  4. At the beggining of San Andreas you get all these drive people around sort of mission: these i admit help you get to grips with the shhoting and driving controls BUT further in the game there should be more missions such as the COOL ones Torino gives you.. There should be much more missions like his ones. His missions are by far the best in the game and proberbly the best in any GTA Game what do you think POST HERE
  5. I liked the new Schools feature in GTA San Andreas It was quite fun trying to earn Different Medals to get diffferent vehicles I would like these to return in the next GTA>> but extended to Vigilante school Firefighter school and Medical schools>>> in these you learn relevant skills for that proffession>> it would make the game more fun and add more missions to the game sorry if topic already exists im NEW
  6. just tell me wether you want to get rid of the camera angle that zooms back when you drive i say get rid off it
  7. What kind of collectables would you like to see in next GTA I dint mind the oysters and snapshots and others in san andreas but would like to see stuff like hidden vehicles with different qualities from san andreas and other stuff to do with weapons such as sniper zooming lens SORRY SORRY SORRY if this topic has already been discussed im new to this whole thing
  8. basically this is easy just post what new types of vehicles you would prefer to see in the next gta personally i wouldnt mind large ships that you can control and more types of military jets WHAT DO YOU THINK
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