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  1. I have one in the gta3 downloads section, the original delorean DMC-12, unfortunatly it comes with the 3 back to the future cars from each movie, but if you use img tool you can just have the normal delorean as the kuruma, or rename the files so it can replace any car you want Go Here: GTA 3 BTTF Cars Plus Normal Delorean
  2. Its weird?, the model is perfect, the wheels are looking great, but evry time i take off (start driving), the whole car bounces around, its not controllable suspension like the yardie lobo. it looks like your going over very small bumps in the road but the road is flat, even tried at the airport.tryed changing the max hight on suspension but that didnt work. please help i really want to have a smooth ride in my time machine.
  3. IT WORKED!!!!!! Finaly it worked, and only in 20 minutes! thanks to everyone. I think this topic can be closed now! See You In The Future.....Or The Past!!!
  4. thnx all of you for helping me out, i will give it one more shot and leave it for say.... 3 hours!, because i have another download going that will take probably the whole day, if it doesnt work, ill email it to: (i think it is?) [email protected] i hope thats the address, i will also check my IE 8 settings for any timeouts and stuff. see ya!
  5. NO!! i am using Firefox but its just taking way tooooo long, maybe if i email somebody the files and all the information i want. Then someone could upload them for me.
  6. thx, by the way i have IE 8, i have firefox though!, ill try firefox and get back to you if it doesnt work, i do have a pretty week upload speed since my normal download speed is about 20kb/s!!! any way thanks again and ill get back to you.........in the Future!
  7. When you have input all your details and screenshots and stuff, when you click to add the file it should come up with an upload bar telling you files and how much it has uploaded already (sort of like on youtube uploading), and i also have a problem, i dont know if its a problem but here it is, with the uploading technique you have now (by the way the size of the file i want to upload is a little over 8 mb) when i click upload it just comes up with the internet explorer loading bar, i waited an hour (and the loading bar had already got to the end in the first 10 minutes) but still nothing was happening. plz help me and plz consider my suggestion. :)
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