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  1. I have built some new islands and several other places and i would like to know how to put some cars there. i am a beginner in the whole modding thing but i have searched google and have only found results for gta3 not san andreas! any help would be appreciated!
  2. Dave716

    Your Favorite GTA?

    I know this is not what he asked but there is a great aspect of every gta -GTA3 was the introduction of a 3D world and there are tons of mods for it -Vice City had a nice feel, a greay storyline, and is easy to mod -San Andreas had a big world, tons of new features, and lots of modding capabilities -IV is like the change from GTA2 to GTA3. There are huge graphical improvements and many new features Really I dont think any hardcore GTA player has a favorite because they all have their ups and downs