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  1. Mali

    GTA:SA Old "Modder" Needs HELP!

    can i be something with i tried modding in gta sa v2 and then the files got locked? or maybe beacause i tried to get CLEO 3 working on v2 :S?
  2. Mali

    GTA:SA Old "Modder" Needs HELP!

    Yep i did "rebuild archive" and saved the handlings etc
  3. Mali

    GTA:SA Old "Modder" Needs HELP!

    NOPE :S still not working
  4. Mali

    GTA:SA Old "Modder" Needs HELP!

    I replaced them but ill try the remove/add when i come home
  5. Mali

    how dose it work with windows vista?

    There is guide on Youtube how to Play GTA:SA on Windows Vista but without mods, try searh something like Gta sa mods on vista at google/youtube/whatever
  6. Okay Hey GTA Modders So i got my old xp computer working again and i decided to play gta:sa again with mods of course. So i got some new car mods and Gta mod garage i tryed installing mods like i REMEMBER i did :S When i loaded my saved game the specific car was still the same old boring. I tried IMGtool and "Replace the supergt.txd and .dff, i also replaced the handlings etc. Not working. Ive downgraded my game to V1 today Can U help me see the fault? Thanks, Mali