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    Is GTA1 For PC?:D

    Is GTA1 for PC Version ? Please Answer^^
  2. Joey1337

    gf proplem

    I think this is already Added in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas by R*. When i playd i dated with a GF many times i was 100% with her i think then randomly came that "Hot Coffe" Thingy.
  3. Joey1337

    San Andreas Crap Traffic

    Well i think this is NOT Possible .. R* Games has made it like this way. Or maybe some kind of Professional Modder or something can do it i guess im not sure.
  4. Joey1337

    Is GTA1 For PC?:D

    Me again I tried to start the game in beginning everything was OK. Later on when i started game only some stripes was on the Screen ?! Help please. ****Added ScreenShot: