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  1. Version 1 says nothing on the menu about version, but version 2 has a version listed on the menu. If you purchased the game recently then it is most likely version 2. However if you purchased it from a download site like Direct2Drive or Steam you have version 3 and there is noway to mod version 3. Go to the download section and get the downgrade patch. If you are running Vista you need to install your game on the desktop to modify it. XP is fine where you put it. Install the patch in the same directory as your gta_sa.exe and run the patch. Now from my point of view if you are having this much trouble just doing the downgrade... why on Earth do you want to mod? JAB The downgrade link does not work when I click download, it brings me to an error page. Is there a link to patch?
  2. Please help me with this. I have absolutely no clue what I am doing. I have read all the tutorials and its all gibberish and missing lots of steps. Please help me! I also need to downgrade my V2 game to V1. How do I know which version I have?????
  3. can anybody help me with this mod thing. i have no idea how to do any of it thanks
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