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  1. i know.....but i really need those anims...id make them my self but i dnt have 3ds max...there is supposed to be another tutorial here but ,the guy first makes u sign up..then register ur self to his fouroum, and then....the tutorial dsnt exist!!!...u wer right abt the biker bar thing(only meant for people like "that guy") ill take ur advice and search gtafouroums.....but ive seen many good coders arnd here.... P.S:- if u can find me the guy who made gta sa pakour ill be really thank full
  2. i need somethin like a wall run(that activates when u run towards a wall and press 'c'), a flare* (which happens when u press 'c' on the ground)[*the thing where you spin your legs around your body like breakdancers do] ,the usual back flip frm the usual files(happens when u right click),a break fall frm the files, and if u walk slowly to an edge carl vaults over and assumes the catleap position on the edge of the wall.(ooh...and i want break fall also...which are frm the files) i tried to contact the author* but i cnt seem to find him.[of orignal gta sa pk]...so all the orignal files cridet goes to him. if u make the files ill give u full cheatin rights on me and my friends server...... p.s:- you can copywright the mods to your name...but i just need them all in the same pakage. thanx to all who help..if u dnt help,still thanx fr takin time to look at my request. }
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