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  1. I am going to get a ps3(if i manage to steal one or get a part time job ) Have you noticed how heavily advertised the 360 was, the damn games were on the shelf 2 months before the damn console was released! - its a worry. and also, why did they eagerly release itheir next gen nearly 1/2 a year b 4 rev and PS3? - we all know where this got SEGA and their Dreamcast flop Bcidez, even if 360 is better, im gonna hold out until all the concoles are released an then compare, But i want to be the forst to play GTA4 and GRAN TOURISMO 5, which looks wicked in e3 screens, so, yeah, wat do yall think aiii!
  2. thanks for your criticism. i have redone the cover better and put PS3 titles and well... just have a look! lol p.s wat game haz carcer city? im not sure. i only pay attention to GTA games! lol also as i said if its in the 70s era they could put a car chase scene that goes through a shopping mall, like in the blues brothers. that would be cool.
  3. I think that GTA 4 will be in the 70's, or 1971, to be precice. This is the year that Tommy Vercetti is arrested for 15 years (1986 released). I think that you are Salvatore in his 30's (assuming he is about 60 in GTA3) and the game is mainly set around carser city, but you can go to SA, Vice and Liberty city. It would be cool to see the cites as they would be in the seventies. Carser city is probably based on Chicargo or Washington DC. i have made a fake cover for the game.
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