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  1. im not really new, i didnt want to make a whole new topic. wuts up im person123 or you could call me ruben i have been gone for a while and just got my internet back. lets see what have you guys missed i graduated and i turn 18 in 2 days thats about it, its not very much

  2. or you could just slap her and tell her to shut up and if she cant trust you why should you trust her, but then whats the point of having a relationshipif you dont trust each other, unless you guys are like mad in love but if you guys are mad in love then why doesnt she trust you so wouldnt that mean that she doesnt love you at all damnit i got lost in my own answer

  3. im a senior in the u.s.a

    1st: buisness computer information systems(typing)

    2nd: enviormental systems

    3rd: u.s. government

    4th: english 4

    5th: wieghts and conditioning

    6th: drawing 2

    7th: communication applications

    8th: math models

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