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  1. Mästêrchíëf

    Cheat device

    I saw that Cheat Device thing for LCS and thought that it looked pretty kwl/fun. Is there one for SA? If not, is it possible that it could be made for SA?(Pc version)
  2. Mästêrchíëf

    San Andreas Co-op mode mod for pc

    I was just wondering if any1 has tried the GTASA pc Co-op mod? I was reading about it and it said problems could accur. So are there any major problems/bugs? Does any body recomend using it or not?
  3. Mästêrchíëf

    Board Message

    Ughhh, its doing it again The board message will keep coming up for 2 or 3 days then it stops for a few days.
  4. Mästêrchíëf

    Board Message

    Well so far havent had this problem in 2 days!!!!! Longest time ive ever been able to get in to the forums,lol.
  5. Mästêrchíëf

    Board Message

    I dont make much posts and this is why.... About 90% of the time that I try to get into the forums, using any link, this page comes up Board Message Can someone plz fix it cause I really like using these forums or tell me if the problem is being caused by me.
  6. Mästêrchíëf

    i need to find these cars? (see the list)!

    The only way I know of getting the Romero is using cheats and the news chopper I think is on top of starfish tower or one of those big buildings. Sorry if I wasent mch help Look online for a map that shows were all of the vehicals spawn, well most of them anyway.
  7. Mästêrchíëf

    Saved game problem(Plz Plz help me)

    No I dident use any mods, any idea what the problem is?
  8. On the San Andreas saved games page Saved Games, I have tried to download several of these and none of them will work 4 me. When I go to play them I click load game then I choose it and after the loading screens are done it says loading information, or some thing like that, then the game just crashes?? My game was a v2 but I converted it and I know I am saving them in the right directory. So can some1 plz help me.
  9. Mästêrchíëf

    My virtual tuning

    Yeah I also like the Rx-8
  10. Mästêrchíëf

    Saved Game Problem

    Can any1 help me??
  11. Mästêrchíëf

    Saved Game Problem

    In my saved games directory, my game is in there but when I go to load my game it doesnt show it there. So I wasent to mad beacause then I thought; Hey I can just download some one elses game. I downloaded the game, extracted it, then saved it to my saved games folder. I went to load it and it wouldent show it!!! So now I have to start all over again!! Can some one tell me if I did some thing wrong when I downloaded the game or tell me why my game is gone. Note: It was the konoko game that I downloaded.
  12. Mästêrchíëf

    New Stores

    That would be so awsome to have an emo character, good thinkin jezz. , but there should also be more garages. And in the garages in stead of just choosing your wheels, you should be able to choose the size-18,19,20,22. That would be awsome, and more wheel options like racing rims, chrome rims, etc.....
  13. Mästêrchíëf

    Converting GTASA v1 to v2 help

    I cant return it now. Its been to long. Dont think I even have reciet anymore. So about what I posted up top, will that work?
  14. I posted this somewere else but the topic is gone? Some one gave me this link-->Files for v1 But I dont know were to save all the files to, can some1 tell me plz? And all I need to do is replace all the v2 files with the v1 ones right?
  15. Mästêrchíëf

    Here are some hiden secrets ive found

    Dang....I dident know that stuff was old(except GTA3 guy). I thought I actually found something new, lol.