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  1. Centron

    Skins and vehicle mod

    mmmm i think u r searching for TXD workshop.. there you can sneak into ped's skins clothes etc.. you can also use imgtool for replacng a CJ cap for the model and texture of the construction hat... just rename it exactly as the original CJ hat.. instructions (u can use txd worskdhop just to see which model u want) first extract the construction hat model and texture with imgtool...(in this case both hats are in player.img) for example... construction.dff construction.txd and u want to replace it for "CJ-HAT" CJ-HAT.txd CJ-HAT.dff then rename the files with windows (not when in the img!!!) construction.txd >to> CJ-HAT.txd construction.dff >to> CJ-HAT.dff then search in player.img for "CJ-HAT" with imgtool then just use the command "replace" and replace: CJ-HAT.txd >for> CJ-HAT.txd (which is really construction.txd renamed) CJ-HAT.dff >for> CJ-HAT.dff (which is really construction.dff renamed) then just look for the "CJ HAT" in the game and voila !!! a civilian construction cap on CJ hope it will help u..amigo bnm9417 if u have any question u can pm me or contact by email messenger etc Thank you i will try that
  2. 1. Hi i wonder if there are some program to to install own "CJ" skins in? Or some template? 2. Is there a way to get civilian clothes? I really want to have the orange "construction-hat" and the orange (west)? 3. Is there some beacon mod so that i can put a beacon on other cars than cops, police and ambulance?