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  1. gtauser2

    GTA VCS on psp emu

    i wanna to play GTA VCS but i haven't a PSP or PS2 but i have a emu but its showing me this (click on it to enlarge the picture) when im trying to start do some one know a beter emulator or GTA VCS version??
  2. gtauser2

    mta:Sa help

    i can't enter any server he crashes at download what can i do my windows version is windows 7 32bit
  3. gtauser2

    Dodo handling.cfg

    do someone knows the handeling for dodo to use it at the speed and the controlles as a jet
  4. gtauser2

    Can't change the wheel's size

    you can beter search for a different mod maybe it is better to leave to the way it is now before you use a wrong mod for it
  5. gtauser2

    gta sa trainer for the xbox

    is ther no xbox trainer for gta sa?
  6. gtauser2

    100% cleared save game

    i have cleared the save game of my own
  7. does someone knows where to download a gta sa trainer for my xbox(original(modded)) because i have troubles with the mission N.O.E
  8. gtauser2

    never wanted cheat

    does someone knows the cheat for the xbox360 (never wanted) on gta IV
  9. gtauser2

    never wanted and hack

    does someone knows the never wanted cheat for vc and a hack for vc????
  10. gtauser2

    Problem with San Andreas +151 Trainer

    no idea i have that program too
  11. gtauser2

    100% cleared save game

    idon't meen the set file but the save file and if it then tsill not work i going to buy a new one
  12. gtauser2

    100% cleared save game

    BUT GTA_SA.set is alwys comming back and can you give me your if you have?
  13. gtauser2

    100% cleared save game

    here is a beginning save file if someone will wants to get 100% cleared then wil he/she helping me and others very muchit is in the zip filethe begin save gam.zip
  14. gtauser2

    100% cleared save game

    just kidding i have the original gamefrom 2004 think i
  15. gtauser2

    100% cleared save game

    i have a torrent buyed from the store for €45.75 becaus they are all sold out