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  1. YumYumLT

    gta_sa.exe - Application error

    Everything was fine, I was playing and everything. And one day I was trying to launch the game and POP that error. Idk why. I didnt do anything. It's like it camed from nowhere e.e I have a downloaded one. And I deleted that file that you told me, still the same error.
  2. YumYumLT

    gta_sa.exe - Application error

    Ummm I re-installed the game 10 times, nothing. I deleted ALL the modes and everything that uses gta:SA. Still nothing e.e Have more ideas?
  3. Hi, I really really need your'e help guys. I've been trying to fix that error for about 4 months, but none. I know I'm a noob -.-. It pops twich when I click OK. Please someone help me. Here's the error: http://www.part.lt/img/afb3e9865e235d0951beecca7626389d166.JPG Thanx for any help.