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  1. [April Fools] New GTA City Named as Chicago!

    If you are talking about me, I never dissected any post. The only thing I explained was how to use whois, and thats because I was asked. And yes, it was quite successful. Well done. I wasn't sure who had set it up however, didn't mean to try ruin anything. I even posted it on the official playstation forums, but they copped it straight away.
  2. [April Fools] New GTA City Named as Chicago!

    Just look it up at http://www.whois.com. Put "gtachicago" where it says "Easy Domain Search" Make sure ".com" is selected, then click "GO" Once the page loads, click on "WHOIS LOOKUP" right above "cancel" at the bottom of the page. Scroll down the page and you'll find the server names, APRIL.GTACHICAGO and FOOLS.GTACHICAGO.
  3. [April Fools] New GTA City Named as Chicago!

    April Fools Sorry to disappoint.