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  1. Rockstar has released these images to show some small things for us to figure out: in the first pic based on the fire's location, i'm guessing that roman's cab depot is burning. i think they are showing this because luis lopez is the one doing this. he probably gets in bad debt with dimitri like johnny did and has to do him this favor. the sencond pic answers a question i had for some time: are the new bikes from the lost and the damned in the ballad of gay tony? apparently yes, at least the bati custom. it also shows luis shooting with an uzi. maybe this a new gun added. the third pic shows a new helicopter. my first guess, based on earlier suspicions, is that maybe they added the sparrow helicopter to gta 4 in the ballad of gay tony. it also appears to have machine guns and because of the nearby damage, maybe rockets or explosive. and finally is pic 4. this shows our new helicopter causing more chaos. the jetmax behind the boat shows that this a very large boat. it may be a yacht that luis may have to destroy. its quite a shame because its a nice boat. hopefully these suspicions are cleared up in the upcoming trailer release this tuesday. maybe some more clues will be included...
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