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  1. I just recently decided to finally go look for the missing tag as I'd rather have fun in the game instead! That is why I only found it now.Still drove me mad trying to find it though.
  2. I eventually got to do that on my dad's laptop and it turns out number 49 on that tag pic was the offending tag that hid away from me.
  3. Has anyone been able to extract the water and the seabed textures from GTA:IV for use in GTA:SA?I don't have GTA:IV yet and would like to mod San Andreas with those texs. Also has anyone been able to create a save game editor that can keep all the current girlfriends of CJ at 100% all the time as it would be so much easier than to have to take them out all the time? Thanks.
  4. LOL!Took me ages to figure that out!<br><br><br>thats me --->
  5. jensons a joke only able to win with the help of his fellow countrymen lewis!

  6. It could also be the fact that the savegame might be for another version of the game than yours is.Version 1 savegames are incompatible with version 2 of the game and vice versa...
  7. Thats one of the many areas in San Andreas that will either drop the framerate or cause my pc to stop.....Areas like Angel Pines;the forest in Whetstone area next door,parts of Mount Chilliad;Hashbury,San Fierro,quite abit of Las Venturas;Willowfield,Los Santos plus the are just to the east of it;the area in Los Santos near the Jefferson hotel;the marina near Santa Maria beach, Los Santos,Blueberry,Dillimore;Fort Carson;sometimes in Verdant Meadows the game will lock-up damaging my pc;etc.....
  8. Complete the bike school in Las Venturas to gain the necessary skills.I made a second attempt with the NRG-500 (which was the third attempt as the BJC-400 was too slow in the first attempt) and I was able to reach the other side without falling off the bike when I landed on the ground on the other side.
  9. Like I said some areas in Los Santos are a no go for me until my pc gets fixed as the framerate will drop drastically and\or might lock-up and at the same time damaging my pc even further.
  10. Thanks but if I remember correctly #62 on the map is the tag that is in the underground parking near the track opposite the church near the jefferson hotel which I have already tagged.Re-installing GTA:SA won't help as the few games I can still play have similar problems with them.The savegame is in v2 format.
  11. Thanks but I want to find it myself but I cannot due to my pc being messed up atm I cannot go to some ares in Los Santos as my pc will freeze and at the same time will be damaged abit . I have the savegame editor but I would like to find the last tag myself.According to the editor tag 62 is the missing one but doesn't correspond to the map I linked to in the first post in this topic as I checked to seeif it was the same but isn't.... Thats why I asked if someone could please have a look and go in-game to see which one is missing,report here so I can go in-game and tag it if it isn't in an area of Los Sontos that will cause the game to freeze on my pc. Thanks.
  12. I managed to get 80 of the gang tags before I found this pic with the locations of the tags but atm my pc is badly messed up and although I am busy getting new parts for it I can still play GTA:SA although some areas in-game are no go as my onboard graphics card cannot handle it anymore giving me a framerate of between 1 to 6 fps.Could someone with v2 of GTA:SA please have a look at my savegame and please look in-game to see which tag is missing so I can then go to the location and tag the missing tag myself. I do not want to date any of the girlfriends CJ has dated anymore so is there a way to modify the savegame values to keep the percentage at 100% for each girlfriend dated so far?Sure it maybe fun dating Babara for instant and taking her on a date with the maverick but it will get boring and all of the girlfriends have different requirement to date them which can get tiresome to achieve....GTASAsf5.zip Thanks.
  13. The lowrider mission isn't that difficult.I was able to win it in the I think the third or fourth attempt. There are far more difficult races in San Fierro without giving anything away......Trust me.
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