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  1. I don't use ImageShack, to annoying.

    I use PhotoBucket.

    The point is, some people can't be bothered to resize their images or don't know how to. So all they do is post there image they want resized and i can do it in seconds, providing the image isn't realy big and they want it resized to a smaller size because it would come out weird.

    All i am doing is offering my services, you don't like it, upto you.

  2. I want a grand theft auto with Los Angeles, New york and some other cool cites on one game, with a 10 mile bridge to connect them :)

    The best gta a SA but the Los Angele's on that sucks, although they got the police cars right it still sucked.

  3. I agree with TVG, it's probably over with R*'s Max Payne. Maybe next Max Payne will be released by somebody other, maybe it won't be released at all. Too bad, I liked Max Payne I & II very much, it was so damn fun to dive into the air while in slow motion and then kill 10 enemies with dual wield guns.

    R* Vienna was probably just spending money, not producing games, so it was logical that it'll get closed sooner or later. Although I think that R* can be a sucessful company even if it produces only GTAs. Most of their games weren't popular at all, and for lots of them you've probably never heard of.

    And to everyone that mentioned GTA in this topic: Read t3h 1st post!

    :cigar: do you think they will bring out a max payne for psp? :erm: