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  1. adzpsp

    Need help.

    All i need really is for Axis to be reognised as buttons in game.
  2. adzpsp

    Need help.

    Hey. I just downloaded SAAC 1.2 I have got a new stearing wheel with pedles. The stearing is fine without SAAC but pedles dont work. I set up SAAC but nothing is changed. How do i get it to work with GTA SA?
  3. adzpsp

    At last!

    Ummm... Why is it so laggy?
  4. adzpsp

    At last!

    Hmmm... I have 1GB RAM and 512B X1550 card and GTA:SA is so laggy. I'm unsure whats up, also there are textures that are all broken.
  5. adzpsp

    At last!

    Dont be mean to Jared, he is a cool guy, he's sweet and always helps me out! You should all respect him!
  6. adzpsp

    At last!

    Gecube ATI X1550 256mb
  7. adzpsp

    At last!

    Lolz thx mate. I don't think i'll mod my GTA but i will use online, Uncle sams cops and robbers is so fun!
  8. adzpsp

    At last!

    Bully :'(
  9. adzpsp

    At last!

    After ages of not playing GTA:SA! On thursday i get my new Graphics card which will play SA better then me X300SE did GTA:SA MP will look so much better
  10. Right, when ever i play GTA:SA about 20-30mins into the game my graphics card drivers will get dissabled. If i update to v.1.2 will this help my problem? and also, would i still be able to use mods? In the FAQ's i see this :- Q: Will overclocking my graphics card make a difference to GRAND THEFT AUTO: San Andreas? A: GRAND THEFT AUTO: San Andreas can and does stress different parts of a GPU to "normal" PC games. We have noticed machines which will overheat while running GRAND THEFT AUTO: San Andreas that do not overheat with other games. As a consequence we do not recommend overclocking with this title. Often results of overheating in GRAND THEFT AUTO: San Andreas can be seen as 3d models having spikes caused by vertices becoming corrupted, reboots and VPU recovery errors on ATI video cards. This is my problem, but its not overclocked.
  11. Cool.... but whats wrong with homosexuals lol
  12. adzpsp

    [SA] My First 2 GTA Videos

    10/10! Very nice! Love the music to the 1st video.
  13. adzpsp

    Just got...

    Ok... Just recorded it and its stoped doing it now......... Here is the video anyway, may take a while to be procesed according to youtube
  14. adzpsp

    Just got...

    Errr... I only have a 1.3 camera that records in MPEG 4.. I'll try.