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  1. I don't know, reinstall the mod...I never had this problem... Give me details...
  2. It's true!!!!! AAAAA (shit, shit!!!) I am sorry!!! But How can I delete him...In fact it's the cracked gtavc.exe... besides an other total conversion mod (the reality mod) add too the gtavc.exe to his pack.(I find this mod on a lot of sites...) That's why I add him too...(everybody has crack...)
  3. It's strange your problem scythe...In fact In mod I put the gtavc.exe cracked for english and german version... So try to replace the .exe by the original one you had...otherwise reinstall the mod.
  4. It's the ultimate Mod for Vice City...I think you don' t understand. Our mod is a total conversion mod (like Reality mod or Vice deluxe) But we had compile more hundred of the best mod done for VC(we excavated all network to find them). And we made all arrangements (it's not so easy...) and a lot of other stuff like loadscreens, water textures, ...(and modified some mods). Install the mod, you will see...
  5. thank you scythe, we took trouble to do this mod...
  6. How can you say that?? This a Big super MOD!! Did you test him?? no apparently... So test him and talk after, you will be astonished... We don't care about the compilation, the most important is that with the final one we have a SUPER MOD!!!
  7. But it makes Vice City so BEAUTIFUL!!! Our goal was to give you the best MOD!!! We have worked hard during one year to all compile and make arrangments!! Besides we make a lot of stuff : textures, loadscreens etc... Finally we have I think a really good MOD, Download it and talk about after!!
  8. Hello! We have finish a great (maybe the best) mod for Vice City .In fact it' s a compilation of the best modifications for Vice City( all autors will have their credits in readme, and we have a part of permissions) Our work was to compile all this mods and make all essentials arrangements (we made some textures, all loadscreens and other stuff). But the particularity of our mod is to give to the game a real eighties atmosphere! Changes: -all cars, bikes and planes -a lot of textures (road, vegetation, advertisements....) -DATA -Some missions, secrets Packets -a lot of others things!!! (I can't all enumerate.....) We hope this mod will please you!! Here are some pictures: LINKS REMOVED You can DOWNLOAD the mod on the OFFICIAL SITE: LINK REMOVED
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