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  1. Hmm, it is certain that you might need to buy a new PC with the specs I mentioned, and it'll be a bit hard to make a rig that can max out IV in a stable fashion without spending a lot. I'm opting for a not-so-maxed out yet decent configuration, something that can run or 800x600 or 1280x800 in medium-high. HD resolutions are OK but I find it a bit of a visual overkill. gr8 thx. given the specs previously posted if i do actually run the game will the lag make me: 1-kill myself 2-punch the keyboard many times 3-punch the keyboard 1 to 3 times 4-be grateful abd thank the lord for blessing me with these specs 5-it will work fine
  2. One word: upgrade. I've seen cases of people running IV on a Pentium IV, but it isn't optimal enough for everyday use. The same goes for the video card; I had one and it does suck big time. Upgrading to at least Core 2 Duo and a 9500GT may help, but most of us here strongly recommend a quad-core, lots of RAM and an 8800GT. thanks for the reply buddy , lets say i take what you are saying into consideration (which i certainly will) how much dow ($_$) do i have to apply to be able to get a quad-core , 4 gb ram and the 8800 gt ? if an upgrade is worth as much as buying a new computer , what specs would you recommend for me to be able to run gta4 with highest resolution and not get the slightest lag ?
  3. ok so i wanna get a computer just to be able to play gta 4 (no joke) without having to deal with lag and even the slightest lag movments . what would you recommend? from video card , to ram , to speed and anything that can make that game run under perfect condition.
  4. hello gta 4 fans . i am working with : processor : intel pentium 4 cpu 3.2 (2 CPUs) memory : 1022 MB Ram Nvidia Geforce 7300 LE , 512 mb memory im guessing that wouldnt satisfy my game to the level of enjoyment but what would u say about it ?
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